Disciplined, Dedicated, and Determined

Keller Speed Track Club​​ ​​

Keller speed track club Keller Texas girl track and field KSTC

Keller Speed Track Club - KSTC


KSTC was established in March 2013 as a girls track and field club, to teach the fundamentals of track and field. Also to develop young ladies (8-18) in a positive way while promoting health and fitness.

Mission Statement

To develop young athletes using the synergistic power of team work to achieve performance goals.  To promote athletes to become better students and citizens through community involvement, volunteering and to maintain the highest standards of honesty and ethics while building personal accountability.

Our Promise

When you join KSTC you will be treated with respect and dignity.   We establish clear expectations for each of our athletes.  We set high standards for performance while setting realistic goals for the athletes that are feasible and attainable.   We recognize the personal accomplishments of each team member and strive to bring out the best in every athlete.